Was Bush a Bed-Wetter?

Democratic Veteran is looking for a FOIA (Freedom of Information Act) expert to help him get Bush’s DD-214 released. From DemVet:

The DD-214, for those of you not familiar with them, is a document given to everyone who separates from the service. The reason it’s important is that it contains a “characterization” of the serviceman/woman’s service. Pre-1974 or so, the program used what were called Separation Program Codes or Numbers (they are called both) which gave a very interesting set of characterizations to the separating member. Some of them were things like “bed-wetter”, “homosexual”; you get the picture. Now for the punchline, a person could get an Honorable Discharge and have an SPC/SPN which was far from a characterization of Honorable. This system was amended in the ’70’s after it became common knowledge about the unfairness of the system and its often arbitrary application to people who were ummmm not mainstream or just not great performers or just did not show up, but you couldn’t Courts-Martial sound like anyone we know?

I think this is a worthy cause. Let’s find out what Bush is hiding.