Warning – Avoid Crichton’s New Book, "State of Fear"!

Crichton casts environmentalists as villains:

The odious villains who kill, maim and terrorize in Michael Crichton’s new thriller are environmentalists, believers in global warming, proponents of the Kyoto Protocol. Their allies are the liberal media, trial lawyers, Hollywood celebrities, mainstream environmental groups (like the Sierra Club and the Audubon Society) and other blue-state apparatchiks.

[. . .] In Crichton’s ham-handed novel, the dangers of global warming are nothing but a lot of hype: scare scenarios, promoted by shameless environmentalists eager to use bad science to raise money and draw attention to their cause. The ludicrous plot revolves around efforts by radical members of an environmental group called NERF (National Environmental Resource Fund) to trigger a series of natural disasters, including a giant tsunami that would hit California with 60-foot waves. These disasters would be timed to coincide with the group’s big media conference, thereby awakening the public to the dangers of climate change wrought by global warming.

The radical leaders of the environmentalists — including the head of NERF, Nicholas Drake, an ascetic Ralph Nader type — are ruthless control freaks. Their followers are a bunch of bubbleheaded Hollywood types who drive sport utility vehicles while preaching the virtues of gasoline conservation.

[. . .] Half movie treatment, half ideological screed, “State of Fear” careens between action set pieces (car chases, shootouts and narrow escapes from grisly ends) and talky disquisitions full of technical language and cherry-picked facts meant to hammer home the author’s points. And Crichton does indeed have a message, as an afterword titled “Author’s Message” attests. “I blame environmental organizations every bit as much as developers and strip miners” for current failures in wilderness management, he writes.

Don’t give this guy any money. Don’t help this book make the charts.