War IS Peace!

Bush’s M.O. is to promise the public what polls show the public wants, and then go ahead with whatever his agenda is, usually the opposite of what Bush promised. It is a pattern of “say one thing and do another”, using the words to cover up the actions. So far this deceitful method of has proven remarkably effective.

Here is an example that makes this trickery so clear, and is so blatant, that it hopefully will force the public to see what Bush is doing. The headline on the story is “Bush: Iraq War Will Build Mideast Peace”

The polls show that people want peace. How do you manipulate that public desire for peace into public approval of your war? You tell the public that war IS peace!

UPDATE – That is headline of the article that was at that link when I posted this story! Here is a New York Times story covering the same event, with a similar headline.