War For Iran?

The question comes up again. Did Iran manipulate (or pay) Bush and the neocons to start the Iraq war? Iran was the party with the most to gain.
The Niger forgeries story – along with the Rove/Libby/Cheney stories – might be heading that way. See MORE FROM LA REPUBBLICA…,

The gist of the article is that Iran was an active supporter of the war because the Shiite mullahs in Tehran thought that a Shiite-controlled Iraq would make a better neighbor than Saddam Hussein’s Sunni-controlled secular dictatorship. That’s no big surprise, since Iran and Iraq were not exactly good buddies, but the implication of the Repubblica article is that not only was the Iranian regime cheering from the sidelines, but the U.S. and the Italians were actively seeking their help.

In May, 2004, I wrote about the possibility that Iran duped the Bushies into starting the war,

Jeeze. These stupid, incompetent, ideologically insane, hateful, arrogant, cultish, corrupt, right-wing, ignorant CLUCKS got duped, sold us out, made fools of us, betrayed us, destroyed our honor, besmirched our good name, bankrupted us, sold us up the river, destroyed our reputation, undermined our integrity, and killed thousands.

Yep, sounds like me, doesn’t it?
If you want to start digging into this, try Googling “Iran Iran Niger Ledeen and “Iran Iraq Niger Ledeen Frankin“, or “Iran Iraq Italy Niger forgeries“. And lots at TPM… Good things here and here. And, of course, everything by eRiposte at Left Coaster.

2 thoughts on “War For Iran?

  1. For first time in peace movement history, some one please come with a solution toward mad dictators like Mullahs in Iran, tell us What we should do, for few minutes forget the mistakes of Bush, you say what USA has to do with these anti-human thugs in Tehran?

  2. As a political scientist and as an Iranian very well informed and in touch with the way these thugs operate I’d like to give a some advice to whatever Political, social or govermental entity interested in learning how to undo this disaster from face of the earth once and for all.
    First I’d like to remind people that the reason U.S government droped the atomic bombs on Japan was because they came to conclusion that dragging the war conventionally would cause the death of hundreds of thousands of people so in a way they saw that the solution is in becoming and using radical means against a radical enemy…today we know this method was enough to jolt the foundation of Japan to a point where they allowed and agreed for everything to be uprooted and new form of life planted.
    Of course in the course of human history similiar situations have occured and each time the same recepie was adopted after all us humans tend to repeat these things over and over again and I am sure that is why they say history repeats itself,
    which is the same thing as saying humans repeat themselves.Now lets look at these islamic thugs.
    the reason so far they have managed to keep and increase their power is that from the get go they adopted radical ways and means in their dealings with west and people they rule over .it is a natural reaction of any living being to pause and not be able to react after a sudden shock, let me use high intensity light as an example, if a powerful beam of light is shined in our eyes it will be some time before we can see again, well the same thing is true in psychology if our normal pattern of thinking is shocked we tend to freez and not react as long as we are confused.The radicals in Iran know this simple fact and are implementing it everyday which buys them time and with time on yourside we know odds are also on yourside..so now comes the solution and its not an easy solution to implement for structured politicians used to protocol etc etc but there is no other way.
    West must throw out the rule book out the window , as long as people in charge adhere to rule books Islamic madness will continue and with madness we know sky is the limit.Iranina problem is easy to control with radical and sergical measures against people in charge…using sharp shooters is one of many options…one by one we must trim and chop off the heads on top…they are the fuel for the fire and must be dealt with by process of elimination..this elimination should be fast. speed is the key here you don’t want to allow them to regroup and creat a tit for tat type of a situation for you and the world …any retaliation from them should be matched but twice as severe & the reasonfor this policy is we want to establish communication by speaking to them the same language..you can not read a book for a donkey and expect it to understand you.in this example who is more stupid here? you or the donkey
    Well now some might disagree with my solution to this problem but the bottom line is as long as we disregard using unconventional methods against these people we are adding and increasing future number of dead people in this path ..its sad but true these people have ruled long enough and its time to get down & dirty otherwise many many more will die with the huge possiblity of losing our way of life on top of it all.

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