Wall Street Pukes On Our Shoes

At the New Economy Conference, Leo Gerard of the United Steelworkers just said that deregulating Wall Street was like leaving a 3 year old in a candy store unsupervised for a day. When you come back the kid is stuffed full of candy, candy falling out of the pockets — but when you are driving home the kid pukes on your shoes. It’s time to stop Wall Street from puking on our shoes.

3 thoughts on “Wall Street Pukes On Our Shoes

  1. Also… the Federal government is indicted for encouragement of mortgages that people cannot afford.
    And did you see Frontline PBS ..no less.. completely TRASH Chrmn Greenspan, Larry Summers and Clinton’s Goldman Sach’s/Sec Treasury for running CFTC Chairman Brooksley Born out of town? She gave the WARNING in 1998. That laid the essential foundation for the California housing bubble.
    That’s all GOVERMENT screw up.

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