Walking Trough Wingnuttia

Just for fun, a short walk into the wild world of wingnuttery. These people really are nuts.
Today at TownHall:
Hillary’s Ultra-Left Campaign Speak

Hillary Clinton denies that she’s a Marxist, but she sure talks like one.

Dems: Selective Outrage

..listening to the wailing and keening by Democrats and their donor-base – The National Press Corps – you would have thought President Bush had not just commuted Libby’s sentence but had pardoned him and presented him with the Medal of Freedom.

The Democratic Party’s Stealth War On Black Americans

If you look back through American history and find a black American being enslaved, lynched, railroaded, or persecuted, 99 times out of a hundred, you’ll find a Democrat behind it. The hated and feared KKK? Throughout most of its history, it was little more than a hooded, thuggish arm of the Democratic Party.
… Democrats cooked up the great society, welfare, food stamps, and all other manner of government goodies because they said they wanted to “help” people. What was the result of that “help?” The Democrats did something that they hadn’t managed to do when they enslaved black Americans, persecuted them with Jim Crow laws, or terrorized them with the Ku Klux Klan: they managed to nearly destroy the black family.
… part of the reason why Democrats are so rabidly pro-abortion is because they believe it helps lower the number of black Americans.

What’s Fair About the Fairness Doctrine?

Lately, I’ve been hearing rumors that prominent liberal politicians, the very same people who are always proclaiming themselves passionate advocates for free speech, are looking into ways to muzzle conservative radio talk show hosts.
[. . .] While on the subject of fairness, I’d like to go on record as stating there’s nothing fair about American taxpayers being made to foot the bill for illegal aliens.
… What’s more, I think it’s high time we not only stopped funding the U.N., as corrupt an organization as exists anywhere in the world, but cut off foreign aid altogether.

Teaching Homosexuality to Kids

As many parents know, most sex-ed classes are already candid enough, thank you very much. The last thing we need is for anyone to spice them up or further complicate what should be a pretty simple subject. But that’s what schools in Montgomery County, Maryland plan to do by introducing lessons on homosexuality to 8th and 10th graders — lessons that serve to further the radical homosexual activist agenda.

Finding the Good News from Iraq

Unfortunately there are far too many relying only on the mainstream media for news from Iraq who would be incredibly surprised to learn there is any news from there other than complete disaster and despair. Bad news captures most of the headlines. The public deserves the whole story from Iraq – including the good news.

At Human Events:
America Should be Proud to Expand Guantanamo

I am proud of Guantanamo, as every American should be.
[. . .] Closing Guantanamo buys President Bush nothing. American and global Leftists still will hate his guts, and enemy Islamofascists still will want him and his 300 million constituents dead. So, Bush might as well expand Guantanamo so he can padlock more Muslim fanatics — even if liberals scream.

Edwards is So Pretty
The “No Fairness Left” Doctrine

Why don’t liberals just put on brown shirts and arm bands and march around bonfires, consigning radios to the flames, to the rousing strains of “Hillary Uber Alles”?
Since the Left can’t compete in the marketplace of ideas, it wants to shut it down.
The aborted push to revive the misnamed Fairness Doctrine, and apply it to talk radio, is but the latest example of liberalism’s drive to gag the opposition.
[. . .] With honorable exceptions, the Left controls all of society’s idea transmission belts, except talk radio. But being the monopolists that they are, any competition terrifies them.