Waldman Report

This piece, over at The Waldman Report, is good. He agrees with me, so he must be brilliant. “One of the messages of Cleland’s loss is that it doesn’t matter what a Democrat’s ideology is – Cleland, after all, was a moderate who voted for Bush’s tax cut and his Iraq resolution. Republicans are always going to call Democrats liberals and question their patriotism. If they’ll do it to a man who lost three limbs in Vietnam, they’ll do it to anybody. “

Read down to where he writes,

What might have happened if Cleland had aired an ad like this?

“When his country called, Saxby Chambliss dodged the draft. Max Cleland volunteered – and came home an injured war hero. Now draft dodger Chambliss has the nerve to question Max Cleland’s patriotism. Every time Chambliss does it, he spits in the eye of every Georgian who’s served his country. Does draft dodger Saxby Chambliss have any shame?”