Wait, Cut Social Security? What?

We JUST had an election where the public said no cuts to SS or Medicare, and raise taxes on income over $250K. Didn’t we?
The likely politics of changing the Social Security cost-of-living-adjustment formula is that every year when the COLA increase is announced, seniors will believe they were cheated. It won’t matter if that year the difference is zero, or very, very small, or even somehow more than they would have received under the old system. It will become folklore that they would have received a much higher increase, except for Obama and the Dems selling them out.
Why do we even bother to have elections anymore?

1 thought on “Wait, Cut Social Security? What?

  1. When Bill Clinton took an ax to welfare, and America responded with a yawn of indifference, who didn’t know that Social Security would be next? And by this point, who can’t see that the driving force behind shredding the social safety net has nothing to do with meeting budgets, but merely with the upward redistribution of America’s wealth? Think a minute: First, General Assistance (welfare) was cut down to zero. Then, AFDC was “reformed” right out of existence. Everything from disability aid to homeless shelters, education to parks, has been cut to the bone. Look at the results. The nation has stagnated. Job creation can’t keep up with jobs being shipped out. The US has fallen well behind the modern nations. The top 1% have been enjoying unprecedented wealth. When govt refuses to invest in the people and the country, the country dies.

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