Wait A Minute — Why Just U.S. Taxpayers?

Why are only U.S. taxpayers being asked to put up $700 billion to bail out the world’s financial system?
The U.S. is $10 trillion in debt.
Europe’s economy is the same size as ours.
China is sitting on hundreds of billions if not trillions of surplus funds.
Middle Eastern countries are sitting on hundreds of billions in oil profits.
So why is the AMERICAN taxpayer supposed to suddenly step in and save the world’s financial system? Tell me that?
I suspect it is because we’re the ones who are currently set up for harvesting, and our Congress can be stampeded to do this with 48 hours notice.

2 thoughts on “Wait A Minute — Why Just U.S. Taxpayers?

  1. I don’t know*. But why were we being asked to bail out to the tune of $300 billion Obama’s good buddies (the head of Fannie Mae referred to him as “Family”), campaign contributors (second in the congress in terms of amount of money given to Obama in less than four years from these two), and secior campaign advisers when Fannie and Freddie were run into the ground in an obvious and overt criminal fashion?
    *You should know that McCain and Gingrich have come out strongly against the $700B bailout(and had been warning us for years while the Dems did nothing but ignore and thwart their efforts), Obama has been typically milquetoast on this (perhaps knowing his deep and wide connections to these messes).
    So I guess you’ll be casting your vote for McCain-Palin, right? No? Didn’t think so, didn’t think you could be that rational or consistent.

  2. McCain’s campaign manager received $30,000 a month to lobby for Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, specifically to lobby against stricter regulations.
    “The value that he brought to the relationship was the closeness to Senator McCain and the possibility that Senator McCain was going to run for president again,”
    THIS is one of the reasons that the McCain campaign has made up the false accusations that you repeat here.

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