Voting Machines Story

According to this Miami Herald story, New system no easy touch for 134 voters in Broward,

“In Tuesday’s special election to fill state House seat 91, 134 Broward voters managed to use the 2-year-old touch-screen equipment without casting votes for any candidate.

How so many happened to cast nonvotes remains a riddle. Unlike with punch cards or paper ballots, there’s no paper record with electronic voting that might offer a clue to the voter’s intent.

The percentage of nonvotes — 1.3 percent — is modest compared to the days of ”hanging” and ”pregnant chads.” But in Tuesday’s race, every vote was crucial. In a seven-candidate field, Ellyn Bogdanoff beat Oliver Parker by just 12 votes.”

So one candidate “won” by 12 votes, but somehow 134 votes were not ocunted. And there is no paper trail to show what happened.