Voter suppression in Oregon

Election fraud and voter suppression efforts are going to be major parts of the 2004 election story. The Republicans are attempting to match Democratic GOTV efforts with their own voter-suppression activities, which are often illegal. Here’s an AP story about what’s happening in Oregon generally.

This story describes a bizarre variant. Apparently the contract group, realizing that they’d only be paid for Republican registrations, used deceptive methods to try to get people to sign voter-registration forms with blank party-designation slots, which they would later fill out and file as Republican registrants. It doesn’t seem to me that the Republicans gain much by conning people into registering as Republicans — seemingly here the contractors are just playing their own little game.

Presumably people are keeping record of this, and let’s hope that the Democrats are prepared for a nasty fight. (The Republicans, as per usual, have already started accusing us of doing the same things that they’re doing). It strikes me as unlikely that this election will be decided by November 3.