Visitors to Seeing the Forest

Friday was Seeing the Forest’s most-read day, with approx. 3,500 unique visitor IPs visiting the site! I’m not sure how many unique visitors that translates to because many companies, universities, organizations, etc. would register as a single unique IP.

Someone in the last couple of days was unique IP visitor number 50,000. Congratulations! The number of people visiting Seeing the Forest is growing quite a bit, with each week surpassing the previous by a good number. It seems that more people are showing up to read weblogs!

Fellow Bloggers – If you see your weblog listed in my blogroll on the left, please consider adding a link to Seeing the Forest to your weblog. If you think you SHOULD be linked over on the left, let me know. (Instapundit is the only right-winger listed because I’m hoping he links back one of these days.) (Yes, this is blatant “trolling for links”, also called Link Sluttage.)

Also, if you want blogrolls to let readers know when you have recently posted, you need to set your weblog to ping If you’re using Blogger, there’s a setting under Publishing that lets you do this. I know you can ping them manually, and the instructions are in their FAQs, but the FAQs are not available right now. I’ll post that here later, when their site is working again.

I have my blogroll set to put “|UP|” to the left of a weblog’s name if there is a new post there within the last 3 hours.