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That blogroll over on the left is just chock full of great places to visit. Click on two or three that you have never visited. You never know what you’ll learn next.
I try to add every Progressive-leaning blog I come across to the list. (It’s set up now to bring up the list in random order.) Leave a comment here if you know of a blog that should be added, or if you find an outdated link or a blog that isn’t being used anymore. (I don’t have time to visit all of the blogs regularly anymore.)
And I’d appreciate it if blogs I link to added Seeing the Forest to their own blogroll, please.

5 thoughts on “Visit Lots of Blogs

  1. Please return to the alphabetized list. I love your blog roll and have used it faithfully for over a year. You have put in some terrific blogs that I enjoy reading. The random method has me inadvertately skipping sites.

  2. The stars on the wall at CIA are of U.S. citizen CIA employees ONLY, not foreign “agents.” Which doesn’t mean no one lost their life because of the Plame leak, only that they would not be recognized on the wall unless they were an officer or other US-citizen employee of the agency.

  3. I’d love for you to add my blog,, to your blogroll. I love “Seeing the Forest”, and would be happy to add it to our links. Thanks!

  4. Air America Radio is a great source. Their talent also have personal sites: the randi rhodes show and mike malloy are two of the best.

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