Virtual March May 22

Please go read the latest about the May 22 Virtual March and tell others about this!

Actually, I’ll help you read it:


Those of us on the left got accused of not supporting the troops when we questioned or opposed the war in Iraq. Now it’s time we show that we support the troops.

The budget proposed by President Bush, as augmented by the Senate proposes:

“…to cut VA spending by $15 billion over 10 years, starting with $463 million slashed from next year’s budget. Legislators claim they’re cutting fraud, waste, and abuse. But Joe Fox Sr., head of Paralyzed Veterans of America, who calls the cuts “an in-your-face insult to the veterans of this country,” says the reduction will slam the poorest disabled veterans and cut GI Bill benefits for soldiers who are currently serving in Iraq. The plan could also mean the loss of 9,000 VA physicians in a shorthanded VA system, he says…

“[Bush’s budget] includes a $150 million aid cut to schools attended by military dependents and support for billions in VA reductions…”

The cuts already enacted in VA funding have delayed enrollment of certain veterans in their promised health coverage. The government said last year that it would not make good on pension promises made to veterans of past wars who have now reached retirement age. And the families of the children whose education funding will be cut often make less than $10,000 per year.

On May 22nd, the last real business day for Congress before the Memorial Day weekend, an unofficial, loosely-knit “Coalition of the Worried” is encouraging a “Virtual March to Support the Troops.”

We need to let our military know, to let our representatives know, that we care about the troops all the time. Whether they are on the battlefield or lying sick in a hospital. Whether they are planning for their children’s future, or retiring after a long, full life.

On May 22nd, please call your representatives in Congress to repeal this cut in support for our troops. Call in favor of fully funding the VA, schooling for military kids, and fulfilling retirement promises made to veterans of past wars. If you can’t get through the first time, try again later. Our goal is to flood the phonelines with polite and respectful advocates who support our troops even when we are at peace.

If you are only able to take part via fax or email, will help you find and contact your representatives and send a message either way. They will also have the phone numbers of your representatives’ local offices if you can’t get through to the DC office lines.

To leave a message with the DC office of your representatives, you can call the Capitol Switchboard: (202) 224-3121

Let’s keep those Capitol Hill phones busy that Thursday.