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I received an e-mail from a reader who tried to leave a comment to my post The Salvador Option, in which I referenced the following from a couple of years ago:

Sometimes lately – since Bush v Gore – I imagine I’m looking at current events as if I am a future historian, tracking the record of “what happened” – sort of like how we now look back at Germany in the 30’s, trying to understand how it happened.
I used to wonder, if I was in Germany in the 30’s, at what point would I have seen what was happening, and gotten out?

The comment was rejected, maybe because of yesterday’s bandwidth crisis. Here it is, from the e-mail:

My thoughts are the same. I made my own decision and left. I’m an expatriot US citizen and happier by the day for having the good fortune to have the option to leave.

As I watch what’s happening in the US lately, and keep seeing those on the left exulting, it seems clear to me that the last cards are not yet on the table. In this poker game, the joker, held by the Bush administration, is wild, and can become anything it wants.
What will stop Cheney’s cabal? A cowed populace? A military whose leadership has been overhauled? A Democratic party that, even now, can’t get it together to take a strong stand? A religious minority that’s thrilled with it all? A Supreme Court that’s almost completely packed – and has already effectively announced where it stands with its constitution-breaking vote not to count the peoples’ votes?
Now that the criminality of the Bush administration is in-your-face unavoidable to see, what’s left to stop them? If it weren’t for the damage that the US does and can do to the rest of the world, it wouldn’t much matter to me. My own view of the American masses is that they deserve this bed they’ve made. (If I could see what was going on in spite of a tame news media, then others could have seen it too. They didn’t because it wasn’t popular or took a little effort.) But most of the rest of the world doesn’t deserve it.
Still, one can hope. . .maybe the US will implode. There are certainly signs of it. The start of the housing bubble’s hissing leak. The start of Japan’s unhinging its currency from the dollar. The start of the collapse of the infrastructure. The collapsing healthcare system. The move of the middle class’s jobs overseas.
The only sure thing now is that a time of major change is coming to the US, and it doesn’t seem likely to be pleasant.

I don’t agree that the public or the Democrats are to blame for Bush any more than I blame 13-year-olds for starting to smoke. Both place unsuspecting individuals against billion-dollar marketing campaigns. Both are the victims of long-term, well-researched psychological manipulation campaigns using state-of-the-art techniques.
The “conservative movement” takeover crept up silently and carefully “neutralized” potential opposition as initial steps in their strategy. (Read the 1983 “Leninist” strategy document outlining a plan for getting rid of Social Security, for example.) Only now are people coming to understand what has been happening to them.
Is it too late? Watch your backs.

2 thoughts on “View From Outside Looking In

  1. Good post, Dave!
    And there was a bandwidth crisis in Daylesford, Australia as well, so it must have been worldwide ..

  2. Junior&The WHIGs’ credibility is so tarnished that the GOP will be decimated at the polls in 11 months, regardless of any wildcard or Rovian spin. I believe enough voters are wise to the lies, and the only way to halt a massive anti GOP poll turn out is a declaration of martial law. If wrong, I’ll still have time to join Dave offshore, by walking across the border into Canada,if necessary. We havn’t had Kristal Naght yet, but the underlying eddies of totalitarian-lite swirl at our nation’s democratic foundations. Things weren’t so bad under Bubba. Maybe he’ll excel as America’s First Gentleman. It aint perfect, but it sure beats Junior and the neoconservative WHIGs.
    However, I share some of Dave’s concerns about the potential threat to American democracy. We must remain eternally vigilant.

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