Victory in the “global war on terror” (GWOT).

Steven Bodzin wrote a throughly depressing opinion piece for this Sunday’s San Francisco Chronicle, headlined thusly:

Fruitless pursuit of terror war’s endgame
No one seems to know how to define a win

In it, he describes his somewhat Kafkaesque and ultimately unsuccessful quest to find a single government document laying out the specifics of what “victory” in the “global war on terror” (apparently now reduced to the acronym “GWOT”) would consist of.
Nothing really new… but it is still unsettling to realize that our government’s strategy in the “war on terror” essentially boils down to playing “whack a mole” with terrorism whereever it pops up.

1 thought on “Victory in the “global war on terror” (GWOT).

  1. I think the purpose is that there’s no end point defined. This we’re at war forever, with everything that implies, like huge budgets, etc.

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