Verizon Fires 40 Workers From Strike

Verizon has fired 40 workers who took part in the strike this summer, saying they engaged in misconduct. Union leaders say this is a “heavy-handed” negotiating tactic to push for concessions at the bargaining table.
At the AFL-CIO Blog, Unions Fight Verizon’s Firings of Striking Workers,

IBEW Local 2222 Legislative Director Paul Feeney told the Boston Globe:

We think this is a heavy-handed technique that Verizon is using to pressure us at the negotiating table. The union is going to fight this through the court. The company couldn’t prove to us that they did anything wrong.

Investment blog Seeking Alpha describes this as part of Verizon’s revenue strategy, saying this is one example of phone companies that “act like monsters,” and “Verizon is playing hardball with its workers, firing strike leaders in an attempt to weaken workers’ positions in future negotiations” and “squeeze more from workers.”
Visit the CWA Stop Verizon Green page to learn how to help Verizon workers in their struggle to remain in the middle class.
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