Van Jones And Liberal Organizations — A Key Post At A Key Moment

Please go read Jane Hamsher’s Van Jones: A Moment of Truth For Liberal Institutions in the Veal Pen. She is asking the liberal organizations to stand up for Van Jones. Read the whole post, this is a key post at a key moment.
Glenn Beck calls someone a communist and they have to resign? Any one of us can be thrown under the bus at any moment if we don’t fight this.

2 thoughts on “Van Jones And Liberal Organizations — A Key Post At A Key Moment

  1. This is another of those weird things that we blame on Republicans. The article and Jane get it correctly, that the Obama administration is in the wrong. Which it is. Yet several people I speak to blame the right. Who cares what Glen Beck says? It shouldn’t matter. This is blatant sacrificing to save the White House’s sorry asses. We need to wake up folks, we are pawns in an ugly, ugly game of lies. This week should be intersting. I can’t wait to see what else they pull.

  2. Its sad to see Van Jones go, i mean, lets be honest, he was the brightest and innovative mind in the White House. He was the victim of a vicious smear campaign by conservatives and that’s be expected.

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