Using War

Here’s a story about the Republicans using “the war” against them in this election?

In television ads and campaign speeches, Republican candidates have become increasingly bold about using war with Iraq and the threat of terrorism as issues against their Democratic opponents — even when there is little or no difference between the candidates on issues such as the recent congressional vote to give President Bush the authority to invade Iraq.

Were these Democrats thinking that voting with the President would make a difference in the Republicans using “the war” for politics? “The war” IS politics. (I put quotes around “the war” because I’m not sure that jet planes chasing a bunch of guys on horseback around the desert – and not catching them – merits calling Bush the great “wartime President” they make him out to be.)

Maybe I’m old, maybe I’m not ready for the new millennium where it’s OK to politicize these things, and to send kids off to die so you can win an election and vote to get rid of programs for regular people to open the way for ever lower taxes for the rich. And maybe it isn’t OK.

The Democrats aren’t doing this sort of thing. They aren’t running ads that say, “While Bush was on another vacation, and Republicans were busy helping CEOs steal your 401K, the Democrats were trying to warn them to pay attention to the terrorist threat.”