US Treasury Becomes Republican Party’s Bankroll

A couple of days ago, this story, about a Republican Cabinet Secretary declaring that contracts are awarded according to who gives money to The Party.
Today, this story, in which Republicans kill oversight over Iraqi reconstruction spending, A stunning tolerance for corruption in Iraqi reconstruction aid,

“Republican Appropriations Committee aides say legislators shifted the Iraq money to the foreign operations accounts at the request of the White House,” the WSJ reported. The White House says it simply did this for budgetary purposes and to help “streamline accounting.” The fact that the move cuts off the most effective auditor in Iraq at the knees, the Bush gang says, is a coincidence.

Now read this. (Through Political Animal)
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These are only SOME of the posts I have written on this subject, and only since I moved the blog from Blogger a year ago. And these are only the tip of the iceberg that I learned about and wrote about. Do you begin to detect a pattern here?

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  1. Most of the money was flown into Iraq on C-130s in huge plastic shrink-wrapped pallets holding 40 “cashpaks,” each cashpak having $1.6 million in $100 bills.
    In my mind this unaccountable removal of billions of dollars from the US treasury is simply the largest bank heist in American History.

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