Up Up Up

In Real Inflation Rate, Left Coaster explains something I have wondered about. How can inflation be “under control” when the price of a house is rising more than 20% a year? When health insurance is rising just as fast? When the eletric bill, cable TV bill, phone bill and food bill are going up, up up?

4 thoughts on “Up Up Up

  1. Duh. If inflation is structured to further impoverish the poor and further enrich the wealthy, then it’s “under control”, by definition. What a dumb question.

  2. Why are you surprised? Unemployment figures are way down, too. It’s the “If we don’t want to see it, it doesn’t happen” rule of government.

  3. Exactly the same is happening in Australia – and this Aussie keeps wondering how the local pundits talk about inflation being ‘under control’.

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