From Common Dreams, A Case Against the Case Against the Case For Howard Dean: Can We All Stop This Madness?

“Whether it’s Newsweek or Guerrilla News, the message is clear: “Once the progressives learn who Howard Dean really is they will run from him faster than Dick Cheney fleeing to his ‘undisclosed location.'”

Truth be told, I’m still waiting for a minority radical feminist who puts renewable energy above everything else and guts the military budget to invest in renewable state-of-the-art public schools (including free college education). But you know what? I’ll be waiting a little while longer. While I could write articles saying Dennis Kucinich isn’t my dream candidate – “After all, one need not point out that our candidate of hope is not EVEN a minority radical feminist.” – while I could do this, I don’t. And why? Because today there is a bigger fight to be fought. “

Well, I’m not voting for anyone whose middle name is not Courtney. Period.