Unions Actually Mentioned in Media!

I forgot to mention – I saw something in the New York Times Sunday that blew me away! There was an article about professionals joining UNIONS, and people talking about joining unions! This was the first such article I’ve seen in -ANY- media for YEARS! It blew me away – the NYT actually moving a little toward the center, mainstream America.

Previously the NYT had not written much about unions that I have seen, which placed it squarely in the middle of the corporate-dominated Bush agenda. So I guess they really ARE a little to the left of Bush, possibly as far left as what we used to call centrist Republican. From the story:

A union provides job security, which isn’t a bad idea in this economy. A 1999 Hart study found that young union members are more likely than young nonunion employees to have full-time, permanent jobs (74 percent versus 49 percent), earn more than $20,000 a year (70 percent versus 38 percent), be covered by a pension plan with an employer contribution (63 percent versus 39 percent) and have an employer-provided health plan (76 percent versus 40 percent).

If you set up any kind of reasonable yardstick to measure media bias — reporting on unions and regular working people organizing unions, discussion of socialized medicine, editorials calling for capping executive compensation at a reasonable amount like, maybe, $500,000, increasing the progressiveness of the income tax and increasing the top levels to 90%… — by ANY yardstick that takes into account left-of-center views, I do not know of a single media outlet in the United States that even comes close.

But it sure felt good to see this one.