Just a quick comment on something I have been thinking about — how fast the unimaginable becomes reality now. Think about this: the country is seriously about to phase out Social Security! Even five years ago this was just unimaginable.

What’s left that is unimaginable? The idea of America invading countries who have done nothing to us? Been there, done that. How about tearing down the wall of Separation of Church and State? Environmental protection is largely gone and where it remains it is unenforced. Getting rid of public schools? The No Child Left Behind Act is a time-bomb that could destroy public education — and if that doesn’t work you know they’ll go at it from another angle. The Medicare Reform Act is the same thing – a time-bomb ticking away under Medicare. And the tax cuts are a time-bomb about to destroy America’s economy and reputation. They’re even discussing selling off the National Parks.

Law itself is under attack. That’s what is behind the push to confirm their Federalist Society judges. And to get that done they are working on getting rid of the right to filibuster in the Senate.

It’s all just unimaginable. Or is it?