U.S. Gunship Fires on Crowd

It’s getting worse and worse. Violence Sweeps Baghdad; U.S. Gunship Fires on Crowd:

“A U.S. helicopter gunship fired at Iraqis milling around a burning U.S. vehicle in a Baghdad street Sunday during fierce battles in which witnesses and officials said 13 people had been killed and 61 wounded. [. . .] The U.S. military said two of its helicopters opened fire after coming under attack from the crowd. Reuters television footage showed no evidence of shooting from the ground.

“As the helicopters flew over the burning Bradley they received small-arms fire from the insurgents in vicinity of the vehicle,” a military statement said. “Clearly within the rules of engagement, the helicopters returned fire destroying some anti-Iraqi forces in the vicinity of the Bradley.”

Earlier, the U.S. military had said a helicopter destroyed the vehicle “to prevent looting and harm to the Iraqi people” after four U.S. soldiers were lightly wounded in the attack on the Bradley.”

“Anti-Iraqi forces”? What kind of Orwellian words are they using now? Why do we always have to fight through a fog of lies and intentionally misdirecting language to figure out what is going on. (That question answers itself, doesn’t it?) Why do we ALWAYS ALWAYS get lies and contradicting statements?!

Meanwhile in Afghanistan,

“Protesters angered at President Hamid Karzai’s sacking of a warlord governor in the west of the country ransacked U.N. compounds and clashed with security forces Sunday, leaving as many as three people dead and dozens wounded, including three U.S. troops who were hit with stones.”

It’s bad, it’s getting worse, but I fear it is going to get a LOT worse for us as well as the entire world if Bush wins this election. Or should I more accurately word it, “takes office” after this election, since we know that winning the election and taking office can be two very different things.

If Bush loses (and doesn’t take office), the Right’s propagandists have set the ground almost inevitably for very, very serious strife here at home. I mean, how can Kerry be considered a legitimate leader to people who believe the things they are saying about him? If Bush does take office, it is clear that all the power of the state will be used to demolish domestic opposition to Party control. We might still have elections but it will be like Russia, where only The Party has access to the media, and they make things difficult in every other way as well.

EVERYTHING is on the line in this “election.” Watch your backs.