Typical Wingnut

Carol Lynn Price: Super Patriot

I think the clue is at 40 seconds – she isn’t wearing any pants. Otherwise it really could be the latest wingnut hero.
The thing is – the wingnuts are SO extreme this might or might not be a parady! And I bet there’s some right wingers trying to order the book.

2 thoughts on “Typical Wingnut

  1. I think it’s very smart what Tina Dupuy did with this video. It’s very difficult these days to satirize the right, because satire is exaggeration, and the right is presently so exaggerated, that only an approach like Stephen Colbert’s or now Tina Dupuy’s will work.
    Tina takes the right wing content one notch to the right, before the right gets there, which effectively renders the position unusable. For example: The statement “Liberals have made fascism into a bad word. Apparently they can’t stand anything that could be construed as patriotic.” is brilliant because at the moment, it is becoming obvious that Bush’s government is beginning to meet more and more of the criteria of fascism. The right reacts with outrage and denial, but when that position ceases to work, the only place left to go is to start to redefine fascism as something good. But Tina beat them to it. That argument is defused.

  2. The reference to the draft-dodging Olsen twins is a clue that this was a parody. Draft girls? Never! Incidently, I mixed up and thought of the Bush twins.

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