Typical Blatant Republican Racism

Did you see “Fertile Ground”: White Nationalists Organize Within Tea Party the other day?
On a very, very related note: Fox News leads the racist way today with Obama’s Hip-Hop BBQ Didn’t Create Jobs … just go see the pic they posted. Fox seems to have closed their comments section.
Republican websites follow suit, Everyone Must Sacrifice… Hollywood Hip-Hoppers Dance Barefoot in the Rose Garden at Obama’s B-Day Bash | The Gateway Pundit
In case it isn’t clear that they meant to send a certain racist message here, from the comments we see that the readers “get it”:
There went the neighborhood.”
The Jefferson’s have indeed “moved on up….”
Looks more like a street fest in the slums of Rio or some kind of pre-hunt jig on the COngo…what a disgrace…we have definatley sunk to 3rd world status in every respect.”
My kids and I make sacrifice after sacrifice just to make ends meet while Barry-boy and Moose-chelle party like there is no tomorrow.”
Can I come to the States and make a sacrifice? I’d sacrifice a pig on Obama’s lawn. “Soil” it with pig’s blood. Ha! Then again, pigs are smarter than the average commie, so maybe I should sacrifice a commie instead.”
…a few headlines from Drudge: ‘Mob’ beatings at WI state fair… ‘Hundreds of young black people beating white people’… Fairgoers ‘pulled out of cars’… ‘They were just going after white people’…”
That turd polisher extraordinaire is on the way out, and he knows it. I just hope everyone is keeping their eye on how many curtains are in the White House – that skank Michelle loves to sew them into dresses to drape her fat butt.”
From another site, the comments:
Check out the pimp shoes. And Mooch is wearing the chenille bedspread look again.”
Today….birthday thanks, stock market tanks, went home with skank.”
Note ghetto boys shoes………….”
Pull yo miniature heyd out yo bloated commie ass ya ignorant POS.”
Good to see they included the token white, Tom hanks.”
Was Hanks the token whitey? Sounds like all the other ‘stars’ were ‘people of color’”
Note, if you think this is not really serious, go see: White Supremacist site Stormfront: A Technique For Recruiting “Tea Party Conservatives” To White Nationalism