Two New Employee Free Choice Act Videos

Here are two new videos about the Employee Free Choice Act. I’m helping SEIU get these videos about they’re doing at the convention out on the blogs. They just did these two on EFCA, have a look

1 thought on “Two New Employee Free Choice Act Videos

  1. If 600 nurses sign the card, why didn’t 600 nurses vote yes in the secret ballot? Why is a secret ballot intimidating? Is it possible that the card-signers just did it because of social pressure to fit in?
    In private, they rejected the union. In public, they sign the card so they will fit in with their friends.
    Perhaps some of the nurses wanted the union rep to leave them alone, and signing the card was the quickest way to get him to leave.
    I just can’t imagine how you’re going to sell this idea to thinking people.

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