TV Show Shoots Elephant For Fun. Seriously.

NBC has a show called “Under Wild Skies” sponsored by the NRA. On the show they hunt and shoot “big game.”

On a recent episode an NRA lobbyist hunted and then shot an elephant in the face twice, injuring the elephant, for fun. The elphant screams. After a while he shoots the elephant and kills it. Then celebrates with champagne.

This is real. Buzzfeed has video of the segment. I watched the first few seconds and then decided I couldn’t watch it.

In the episode, which aired Sunday night, NRA strategist Tony Makris and a hunting guide track an elephant in Botswana’s Okavango Delta. Makris spots an elephant and shoots it in the face twice, causing the injured elephant to trumpet and run away. “Somebody got a little cheeky there,” Makris chuckles as the animal attempts to escape. He and his guide eventually catch up to the elephant and Makris delivers the fatal blow. After posing next to the elephant’s body with his his “lethal” Tyrannosaur rifle and .577 ammunition, Makris and his guide return to their lodge to celebrate with champagne.

Huffington Post also has a story about this, also with video.

The LA Times has covered the story as well.

NBC has said they will not rebroadcast “this particular episode” of the show about hunting and killing “big game” for fun.