Trip To A Canadian Emergency Room

Sara Robinson ended up in the emergency room Wednesday evening!
Postcard from Canada: Why I Missed Obama’s Speech,

I had my first gallbladder attack. Not life-threatening, just the worst pain I can remember being in since the last time I was in labor. It started up just before dinner Tuesday night. At 2 am Wednesday, still awake and in worsening pain, I found my keys and shoes, stumbled down to the car (leaving the rest of the family sleeping), and drove the 25 blocks down to the hospital.
… First, the waiting time between walking in the door and being admitted was literally about 45 seconds. American conservatives have filled people’s heads with images of Canadians packed into old, worn-out, badly-lit, overcrowded emergency rooms bustling and echoing with writhing, moaning souls enduring waits that can stretch to days. Sorry to blow the fantasy, but last night, I walked into a newly-remodeled, gently-lit, serenely quiet lobby that I had completely to myself.

Sure, you SAY that, but what did it COST you?

No bills. No worrying about how to pay for the surgery, either — that will be covered, too.

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  1. Anyone who’s experienced medicine in Canada or France knows what a barbaric country we live in.

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