Trickle Down

Richard Reeves had a good one yesterday, “What trickles down today: underpaid, no-benefits jobs“. Here’s a taste:

“Investment now, at least in the reign of Bush, is about cutting taxes on the rich, who will, presumably, then hire us as wrappers, trainers, secretaries, drivers, nannies and dog-washers and -walkers. The money to pay us — which we must spend immediately — will come from eliminating or cutting the taxes on high incomes, investments, dividends, and the estates of what the president’s father liked to call the “investing classes.”

The rest of us can be a nation of servants. Actually, in this new age, we will be less than servants. The code of old-time servitude meant that the more marginal classes were sort of adopted by the rich, provided with some security in terms of medical care and old age. That has changed. You’re on your own, buddy! The new servers are, more often than not, independent contractors — “independent contractors” is usually a euphemism for “no benefits” — who are, more often than not, paid in cash. Many in the investing classes hate government interference in the workplace, but demand government responsibility for the health and maintenance of the serving class.”

Personal responsibility, meaning you’re on your own after they’ve chewed you up and spat you out.

A question to ponder – Who is our economy for?