Daily Kos: Liberals have destroyed our greatest weapon points out the harm that we have all done to the perpetual War on Terror ™:
Now The Enemy ™ knows that we can tap phones!
We have revealed the country’s deepest secret to The Enemy ™.
The Enemy and War on Terror trademarks are the property of Bush For President 2004 and its affiliates Heritage Foundation, The Washington Times, Fox News Corporation and the Excellence In Broadcasting Network.

1 thought on “Traitors

  1. Well, I nearly fell off my chair when Gwen Ifill (or was it Ray Suarez?) asked senators Cornyn and Feingold during a ‘Newshour’ program a couple of days ago whether they should discuss this surveillance in public at all .. How come ‘Newshour’ sounds more and more like an echo chamber of the WH?

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