Traffic School

I’m in traffic school today, which is basically all-day detention for adults. I ran a stop sign because I wasn’t paying attention — while looking for a place to live a couple months ago. Everyone else here was being picked on by cops who had quotas to meet.
They just showed two hours of 20-year-old videos. One was about personal safety, and I didn’t know that you must always, ALWAYS look under your car before getting into it, because someone might be waiting to grab your ankles.

4 thoughts on “Traffic School

  1. You don’t ride a motorcycle, Dave, so you actually believe Americans can drive. If I were a cop and could write fast enough, I could give a perfectly valid ticket about every 2 minutes — NONE of them for speeding.

    Plus, I’ve ridden in your car, and I know you drive like crap. So quit the fucking whining. And be sure to check under your car. Always!

  2. There are no guilty people in prison. The other people there today were all complaining about how even though they were going 85 in a 25 zone (or whatever) they only got the ticket because the cop was having a bad day, had to meet a quota, etc.
    I actually deserved my ticket.

  3. I always look under my car and in the backseat before getting into my car. The habit first started when I used to live in an area with a high rate of carjackings. Then, when I moved to a more suburban area, I discovered that all sorts of things got under the car overnight: cats, plastic gnomes, frightened bunnies, a mangled Barbie travel case, one really stupid groundhog, and a small snake (I’m still traumatized by that one). Apparently, there’s quite a party in my driveway while I’m sleeping.

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