Traditional Values Coalition: Lying Scum Sucking Bastards

The Traditional Values Coalition has launched its latest attack, using classic right wing “big lie” techniques to attack the GLBT community by smearing it as a promoter of pedophilia and undermining of the family – in the process, they conflate polyamory with pedophilia, getting a twofer (bashing the queer and the poly communities) in the process. Not to mention inflicting severe damage on the reputation of a young and risk taking African-American film maker (I hope he sues them for libel) and sending a message to everyone in Hollywood that the religious right will stop at nothing to destroy their films and their reputations.

Here’s an excerpt from their latest press release:

> Kevin Bacon’s film, “The Woodsman” is produced by homosexual activist

> filmmaker Lee Daniels who told a reporter for “Film Festival Today”

> that he wanted to “put a benign face on pedophilia” in this film. A

> benign face on someone who molests children? Why would someone want

> to provide a sympathetic view of a man who robs children of their

> innocence and condemns them to years of guilt and shame?


Here’s what was actually said:

TOM BROOK: “What do you say to those people who say you’re trying to put a benign human face on paedophilia?”

LEE DANIELS: “That I’m trying to tell a story, is what I’d say.”

See URL below for the full interview in context:

Note who actually said what. Note who the Family Values Coalition said this. Which version of the story do you think that Rush and the rest of the AM radio gang will be ranting about from this point forward?

This is disgusting. It pisses me off. Normally, I wouldn’t write about it in this blog, but this kind of flat out viciously defamatory lie is just outrageous and deserves to be emphatically rebutted and discredited ASAP, before it gets repeated everywhere.

Next time you hear a right winger repeat some outrageous quote by a member of a marginalized community, think about the example above before taking it seriously.

Thomas Leavitt