Has anyone been held accountable for torture yet?
How about lying to start a war that killed more than a hundred thousand people?
How about corruption, kickbacks, no-bid contracts, contracts to campaign donors, funneling government money to corporations then leaving government and going to “work” for those corporations?
Well, I guess it pays to do those things then. I guess it’s official, that these things are not punished, so go ahead and do them. If you know the right people, I guess.
And I guess about 5 minutes after another Republican gets elected it all starts where it left off. because they know that no one will ever hold them accountable. Our current administration is making that clear.

1 thought on “Torture

  1. Not only does it pay but these are now the official policy of The United States!
    Since no one has been punished, and the Democratic President has enthusiastically continued these policies and the Democratic Congress has eagerly endorsed every single crime the Bush Administration, it is verified as Official Policy.

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