Too funny

This story is funny, with a great photo. On a more serious note,

The most recent Democratic travesty dates back to a precise moment in time: May 23, 2001. On that day, twelve Democratic senators voted to defund the Democratic agenda on which they had been elected. They supported the Bush scheme to award most of the Clinton surplus to wealthy Republicans. From that time forward, the game plan was to protect the Dirty Dozen from the embarrassment that would come with exposing the moral bankruptcy of Bush economics. The Democratic Party refused to advocate the Democratic economic platform and, in the process, lost credibility with its own voters. Now it has also lost many of the Quislings who supported the tax heist, which means that the party discarded principle in exchange for failure.

Actually this is a different (and better) way of saying what I wrote in Mostly Zell. Daschle was hamstrung having to protect the Democratic Senate majority, with Zell maybe going to leave the party. To go forward from here, perhaps we need to ask some of these “Republicans Lite” to please leave the party. A good criteria for that might be the ones that voted for the Bush tax cut.