Tomorrow’s The Big 666 — Wingnuts Going …Well … NUTS!!!!

Wingnuts are going … well… NUTS, because tomorrow is the dreaded 666 day!!! 6/6/06!!!!
Drudge is hilighting that the 30-year mortgage rate is at 6.66%.
But wait, there’s MORE!!! MUCH more!!!

If you count the letters in “Ronald Wilson Reagan” it’s 666!!!!! When Reagan retired he moved to 666 Cloud Road!!! And Ronald Wilson Reagan is an anagram!!!!! If you rearrange all the letters you get: INSANE ANGLO WARLORD!!!!!
And there are even more signs, sure signs,

We are declining in terms of baptisms (down 4 percent last year), declining in terms of investment through the Cooperative Program (down from 10.6 percent to 6.66 percent since 1984).

Another sure sign, On Fox, Coulter plugged 6-6-6 release of new book attacking liberals as “godless”.
The signs are showing up everywhere:

And fiscal year to date, the airport has handled 6.66 billion pounds of cargo, up 1.84 percent from the same period last fiscal year.

And here:

The corresponding millage increase would be 6.66 mills, according to Dickl, which the board then passed in a 5-4 vote.

6.66 MILLS??? A TAX??? !!! SURELY the devil is involved!!! And there is ever more:

Blanton was 0-5 with a 6.66 ERA

ERA – cleverly planted by LLLLiberals to make you think of the Hellish Equal Rights Aendment!! And more:

Turkey paid USD 666 million for oil imports in March 2005.

And so many more — the vaccine that the right-wingers are trying to ban because it prevents cervical cancer,

In a Phase III study, 666 women aged 15 to 55 were vaccinated with Ceravix. After a month of treatment, all women showed antibody response against type 16 and type 18 human papillomavirus, strains of the virus that are associated with cervical cancer

It just doesn’t stop coming at us:

SFR’s quarterly earnings from operations rose by 11.0% to EUR 666

This news story says,

…LG Telecom, which had 6.66 million users by April…

And this one,

Goldman Sachs’s fund management unit was among sellers of Tyco stock during the quarter, disposing of 9 million shares to reduce its position to 6.66 million.

Goldman? Didn’t BUSH just pick someone from Goldman to be Treasury Secretary???? Isn’t that where the MONEY is????? And isn’t Goldman a JEWISH name??? !!!!
But now, here comes the big one, the real shocker:
It might SEEM that counting the letters in “George Walker Bush” gives you 664, BUT THEY CHANGED THE NAME FROM BUSCHE!!!!! HE’S THE DEVIL!!! (I’ve wanted to start that rumor for years…)

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