Today’s Voting Machines Story

MyDD :: Reforming Elections By Winning Elections, a response to something I hear a lot:

What good does it do to support candidates? With those Diebold machines, they can steal any election. It’s pointless to compete in elections when the votes won’t be counted.

Myself, I say, go run for your local elections board.

8 thoughts on “Today’s Voting Machines Story

  1. I completely agree with the sentiment. Anyone with any sense knows that when Democrats win, it is the will of the people. And when Democrats lose, the election was stolen.

  2. Slappy, If we held an election in which every single “glitch,” or disenfranchised group, or exit poll anomaly favored Dems without fail, while each of the offending voting machine companies were owned by Dems, you’d be singing a far different tune.
    It is in YOUR best interest as well that complete election transparency exists.

  3. How do they do that? EVERY single glitch favors Republicans, EVERY single disenfranchised group are Democcats, EVERY exit poll anomaly favors Republicans. EVERY voting machine company is owned by Republicans.
    How did they arrange all this so that any reasonable person would believe it would be impossible.
    It’s almost like we’re the only one’s who can see this.
    Really wierd, huh Jenius?

  4. So, if Ted Kennedy had a large stake in the company that makes Massachusetts’ voting machines, you would not question the conflict of interest?
    Funny how we shouldn’t worry about NSA wiretapping if we have nothing to hide. But we can just TRUST Diebold and ES&S because…what, they have nothing to hide?
    Diebold makes the ATM I frequent, Do I have a problem getting a paper trail for my deposits and withdrawals? Is it really that difficult?

  5. When I voted in the California primary a couple of weeks ago, there was a printer to the left of my voting machine. When I got to the end of the ballot, the machine printed a paper copy of my ballot. The paper ballot scrolled by, under a piece of glass. I had to approve the paper ballot before my vote would be counted. And sure enough, right there was my no vote for every bond issue and tax increase, just like I marked it. That seems like a pretty valid paper trail to me. Am I missing something here?

  6. Nope, you are not missing anything. That is a machine WITH a paper trail. You can verify that the paper has on it the votes you wanted to cast. Later the paper can be checked to see if it matches the totals. This is a way to PROVE that the machines accurately counted the votes.
    Would you trust that voting machine without that paper trail — if they just said, “Trust us, the voters selected XXXX”?
    It isn’t the best of all solutions, but it is a good solution. The BEST solution is for the machines to print a ballot for you, and you take that ballot to a separate ballot box yourself, and those ballots are handled the way they are handled now.

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