Today’s Voting Machines Story

A few days ago I told you about voting machine companies refusing to sell to counties that threaten to test the machines. This would cause the counties to be in violation of federal requirements to get new voting equipment, lose federal funding, and ruin careers of county officials.
Now in Utah, Diebold is saying that local officials allowing independent testing of voting machines violates their warranty and “allowing unauthorized people access to the machines had violated their integrity.” They are demanding $40,000 to fly people in to “fix” the machines.

Diebold’s $40,000 estimate is exaggerated to frighten other clerks from questioning the machines’ integrity, Funk said. “What they are really saying is, ‘We don’t want anyone else to think of doing this.’ ”

The voting machine companies are now using threats and intiidation to keep people from testing whether these machines can be rigged.
The solution is to require that these machines print a paper ballot for the voter to check. Then the voter puts the ballot in a separate, guarded ballot box – just like now.

4 thoughts on “Today’s Voting Machines Story

  1. Very true. The Feds are suing NY right now because NY won’t buy anything without testing first and the companies refuse to send voting machines to be tested. Also, NY wants to go to optical scanners and paper ballots, and the companies are having fits over that because you only need one scanner per district so they won’t make a killing off NYC’s millions of voters. NY is saying, so sue us then.

  2. This is what happens when government functions are usurped by corporations. Quite predictable. Inevitable, in fact. Gotta love that “corporate efficiency”!

  3. In our county the ballot is a big piece of paper. You fill in the circles with the provided marker and then look at it. If you are satisfied with it, you put in in a slot that optically reads it and drops it right in the sealed box below. If they need to verify it later, they have THE ACTUAL DAMN PIECE OF PAPER THAT YOU MARKED WITH YOUR OWN HANDS. That’s a good system.

  4. Paper receipts mean nothing. You somehow think they can’t print a different value on the receipt than is stored in memory. Paper reciepts are only of value in a hand recount.

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