5 thoughts on “Today’s Question

  1. I was reading the policy papers at the Family Research Council and I found out that they are people of fear, not faith.
    I can’t know if the FRC leadership is fearful, but the followers damn sure are.
    By the way Dave, do you remember your post about privatizing the National Parks? Look at this:
    It takes Social Security and our public land to finance those tax cuts for the wealthy. Matbe they need the pseidochristians to back them up.

  2. It’s been fear all along, granny. Some of the leaders are afraid, but usually for different reasons. They fear loss of power, and to keep power they whip up fear in their flocks.
    Kinda like Karl Rove and Dubya.
    I believe, however, that these are the last desperate throes of an outmoded belief system — although it may be a bit, well, rocky for a while, in the end, this too shall pass.

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