Today’s Paper

Two articles from this morning’s paper, U.S. retreating on mahogany limit – (Subhead: POSITION ON DWINDLING FORESTS CALLED BETRAYAL)

The Bush administration is backing off a key global environmental initiative launched by the president’s father, who proposed restricting trade in the wood from world’s dwindling mahogany forests.

and, U.S. ending support of world health plan – (Subhead: WHITE HOUSE, IN MOVE AGAINST ABORTION RIGHTS, REJECTS GLOBAL ACCORD)

The Bush administration has intensified its battle against abortion rights worldwide by stating that it can no longer support a landmark international agreement that established reproductive health care as a means to curb population growth.

Take a moment to reflect on just how stunning and horrible these two stories are, and then a moment to reflect on all the reasons these two stories are not headlines in every paper in the country, with horrified citizens running out into the streets in protest.