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This is an important post about an important time in the history of our nation.: MyDD :: Myths About Moveon

I don’t know if the supplemental is a major step forward or not. I know it won’t end the war, since this was has been coming for sixty years and is part and parcel of a militaristic political structure that we must and are working to disassemble within both parties. But it is a major step forward in terms of our movement, as we affirmatively passed a significant piece of legislation through a House which, while full of some new blood, saw its Democratic membership grow by only 20% in 2006. Moveon was true to its members in helping this happen.
… Now, in a larger and more important sense, we all own the war. It’s our war. American attacked Iraq. Voting against funding or this bill or for impeachment or anything else does not exempt you from responsibility for America’s actions in the world. That’s what it means to live in a liberal democracy; citizens get a say in things but also have to take responsibility for the actions of the state even when we don’t agree with what the state is doing. That means that Moveon, or anyone else, isn’t ‘selling out’ when we participate in the political process. There is a set of political institutions, and you either participate in them or you don’t, but you are responsible for the war as an American regardless.

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  1. Uh, no I am not responsible for the war. I simply do not have the power to stop it. That is a pity, but not a crime.

  2. We’ve been brainwashed. Try substituting “End the occupation of Iraq” whenever the natural inclination is to think “End the war in Iraq” because at that’s what it is. The first step is fighting a war. The second step is then occupying the country the war was against. Changing those few words lead to an entirely different understanding of what’s going on. If we realize we’re conducting an occupation, isn’t it obvious that the more oppressive we become the more troops we have to send in? Isn’t it obvious that Iraq has written a constitution and, for better or worse, elected a new government? Of course we could and should end the occupation of Iraq. It’s our moral duty to end it.

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