Today’s Housing Bubble Post – Model Refuses Dollars

This is actually a very big story. The world’s richest model (earned $30 million in 6 months this year) is now refusing to take her pay in dollars. She is insisting on Euros. This is huge because it will penetrate past the financial pages and cause people to start understanding what is going on – possibly starting a stampede from the dollar.
Supermodel ‘rejects dollar pay’:

The world’s richest model has reportedly reacted in her own way to the sliding value of the US dollar – by refusing to be paid in the currency.
Gisele B√ľndchen is said to be keen to avoid the US currency because of uncertainty over its strength.
The Brazilian, thought to have earned about $30m in the year to June, prefers to be paid in euros, her sister and manager told the Bloomberg news agency.


1 thought on “Today’s Housing Bubble Post – Model Refuses Dollars

  1. Wow, $30 million in 6 months. I need to get a sugar mama! This is no surprise and actually a very smart move by the model. I doubt we’ll see this story show up on the nightly news here in “liberal media” USA, but this story certainly supports the shift in business to the Euro. Once oil trading changes currency, which no doubt it will sometime very soon, the middle class will be all but obliterated.
    With the Bildeburg Group’s prediction of $200/barrel of oil by the end of 2009, there’s no way for the middle class to survive unless we can get off of oil dependency and back to an administration with conservative fiscal spending (we all know the chances of these things happening).

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