Today’s Housing Bubble Post

A Liberal is a Conservative Who Got a Foreclosure Notice,

At least one conservative business analyst is warning his political compatriots that their middle class base may melt away when homeowners begin to experience the coming housing crash. Andrew LaPerriere sounds the alarm in the most recent Weekly Standard
. . . Has the housing crash started? And will it bring down the whole economy? LaPerriere travels ground we covered here last summer—skyrocketing home prices that make purchases unaffordable for a growing number of families, the staggering differential between rental prices and purchase prices that signal over-heated speculation, and what happens when $2 trillion of adjustable-rate and interest-only mortgages (one quarter of all mortgages in the US) are reset in the next two years. But he adds a political analysis that is amazingly candid. Calling his fellow conservatives “strangely silent” on the problem and consequently vulnerable to the political fallout when conservatives across the country discover that no one in Washington was watching out for them.