4 thoughts on “Today’s Housing Bubble Post

  1. I’ve been somewhat aggresively posting responses to this situation. Tom DeLay, NSC, UAE port controls, etc are just distractions. This nation is about to get wholesale Hoovered, i.e. sucked dry, to the deteriorating financial situation facing this country. Candidates who can coherently speak to americans about this will win at the polls.
    It’s still the economy!

  2. You have to love it. Some would say that sticking with the same old play book, no matter how badly your’re being beaten is insane. I on the other hand commend your tenacity. Will you be attacking tax breaks for the rich, the growing gap between rich and poor, unaffordable housing (oh, sorry, you’re going the other way on that one)? I know alot of people get bored with re-runs, but not me, I like winning!

  3. Markets rise and fall, thus it has ever been. Is there no issue, however mundane, that does not hold the power to determine your thoughts through your own idealogical blindness?

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