4 thoughts on “Today’s Housing Bubble Post

  1. LOL!! Looks a bit like my place … except I have five acres and electric. And a hidey-hole (tornado shelter). And both well and city (well, town) water. And … etc.
    And I paid a lot less than 1/10th of what that place costs — in fact, closer to 1/20th.
    Almost every property owner I know in No. California has sold in the past month or so. For the life of me, I can’t imagine who’s crazy enough to buy out there right now. But apparently people are still buying out there. Unbelievable.

  2. I thought they put Ted Kaczynski’s hut in the Smithsonian or something…

  3. The price is truly unreasonable, but the well, septic and gas heat with a fireplace could be good depending on the quality of the water and the machinery that runs the well.
    A little dumpster diving, a lot of work and solar shingles on the roof would turn that place into a charmer in no time, and the yard is big enough for two dogs and a garden.
    The other place is really depressing, but the neighbors are close enough to hear you hiccough. The good news is that somebody is pushing the story about free money from the government to buy real estate.
    The late night informercials for the “National Grants Introductory Conference” travelling road show is narrated by Suzanne Whang
    Authors Mike and Irene Milin show a picture of them posing with President Bush, other guests are former congressman J.C. Watts, former deputy and general council Dennis Foreman.
    Grants, low interest loans or subsidies. Get government money even if you have credit problems!
    Ignore David Sirota!
    This whole thing positively reeks of right wing fingerprints, I wonder if it is being funded by Wall Street or the government. No need to quibble over the redundancy there.
    Don’t worry, be happy. Get government money. They’re doing Montana this week, maybe they will get to your area soon!

  4. Housing market is a bit frothy

    Alan Greenspan notes the presence of bubbles in the housing market. But he says because it only affects a few regions in the country, he doesn’t see that it is a real threat to the economy. The Fed chief said…

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