Today’s Government and Party Merge Post

A few years ago I used to put up occasional posts, shocked and outraged that the Republicans were getting away with using our government to promote party interests in the way that the Soviet Union used to work. In fact I have a whole category dedicated to the subject.
But lately I have tapered off with my posts. I mean, it’s an old story at this point. The Republican government is corrupt, and has been hijacked to be used as a vehicle for enforcing Party discipline. These blatantly illegal operations are ignored by the Congress, and people sort of get used to it. Most of the Democrats in the Congress has even stopped issuing strongly-worded statements.
So that said, here is today’s petty, blatant illegal Party-Over-Country story. Talking Points Memo | Banned at The DoJ. The Department of Justice has stopped sending press releases to Talking Points Memo because they uncovered criminality in the department. Go read it. This is what OUR government has been up to.
When are the Democrats in the Congress going to call them to account? I am sick and tired of strongly-worded memos, witnesses who are allowed to ignore subpoenas, government departments allowed to act as an arm of the Republican Party, government funds that are sent to cronies and redirected to the party or just stolen and all the insults to democracy.

1 thought on “Today’s Government and Party Merge Post

  1. Primaries may be the only way we can hold the Democrats to the fire, or at least keep their attention when they are tempted by the noise of the Villager Pundits, urging them to compromise and cave in to the Republicans. Get friends to challenge the incumbents in Congress. Even if the challenges are unsuccessful, the incumbents may change their behavior.

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