Today’s Google Experiment – Watch a Smear Spread

The Daily Howler has been exploring an ongoing smear against the NEA, claiming that the teacher’s union is asking teachers to “blame America first” for the 9/11 terrorism.

The initial smear appeared in the Washington Times, the newspaper published by the Moonies. The original article referenced a paper by Brian Lippincott, saying that we should be careful not to blame all Muslims for 9/11. The smear twists this into a claim that the NEA says to teach children that we shouldn’t blame the terrorists but should instead “blame America.” So let’s search on the words “Brian Lippincott NEA” and see what we find.

Guess what? It’s the usual web of Scaiff-funded right-wing organizations leading the list – Traditional Values Coalition, Concerned Women for America, Townhall (Heritage Foundation).

Now let’s try searching on “NEA Blame America First”. Look at this gem from Ollie North! “The NEA — and other 9-11 Deniers — cannot be trusted to “Remember Sept. 11,” when they refuse to forthrightly acknowledge what really happened on that terrible Tuesday morning. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a teacher’s union that didn’t want to blame America first?”

Keep in mind that this is just a bald-faced LIE, and click beyond the first page of Google results, at all the organizations and “columnists” repeating this lie! Look at this one, “NEA exploits 9/11 as propaganda tool

This is how it’s done, folks. The Republicans have a huge machine out there and we know that about half the public believes this stuff!

Question 1 – How many “reputable” journalists do you see standing up to this, and denouncing the lies?

Question 2 – Isn’t it time to restore the “Fairness Doctrine” so we can get more than the Republican side of issues discussed on the radio and TV networks that WE license to operate and serve THE PUBLIC INTEREST?