Today’s Google Experiment: "Kerry Lied" and "My Lai"

In today’s Google experiment, let’s see how many websites say “kerry lied”. The answer is “about 41,200.” (Yes, that search is for the phrase, not the words individually.) The first site found, “” says, “John Kerry told the world we were war criminals who raped, tortured and murdered in Vietnam. Now, thirty-three years later, we told America the truth.” Scrolling through what is found, most right-wing sites claim that Kerry accused the US of committing atrocities in Vietnam, which they say was a lie.

Well, the first lie is that Kerry accused the US of committing atrocities. This is not what he said. And the second lie is that American forces did not commit atrocities.

STF BONUS – Second Google Experiment in the same post! Let’s see what happens if we search for “My Lai”? GOSH! There are “about 72,000” websites that say there WERE atrocities committed by US forces!

Note – Some of the websites say Kerry lied about being in Cambodia – they say that the US was never in Cambodia… Well, Kerry made a mistake about when he was in Cambodia. It turns out he was there in January, not “Christmas.”

As for the claim that the US military was not in Cambodia, from a U.S. State Department report: “In April 1970, U.S. and South Vietnamese forces entered Cambodia in a campaign aimed at destroying NVA/VC base areas.”