Today’s Google Experiment: "I trust Hamas more than my own government."

Does anyone remember when Republicans were blocking anti-terrorism bills following the Oklahoma City and Atlanta Olympics bombings?:

“However, some law enforcement provisions were dropped at the insistence of House [Republicans] lawmakers fearful that federal law enforcement would become too powerful and intrude on individual liberties [of right-wing terrorists].

[. . .] Complaining that many new tools that would have helped detect and prevent terrorism had been stripped from the bill, Rep. Frank blamed what he called the ‘Hamas wing of the Republican Party.’ Hamas is an Islamic terrorist group.

Rep. Frank was referring to a remark made by Rep. Hyde during last month’s House debate on the bill. At that time, Rep. Hyde, R-Ill., said he had just heard ‘a dear friend of mine, a great Republican, say, ‘I trust Hamas more than I trust my own government.”

[. . .] Congressional leaders initially promised to complete the bill six weeks after the Oklahoma City federal building bombing that killed 168 last April 19.”

In contrast, here’s part of a Clinton radio address on the subject:

“And law enforcement has also asked that explosives used to make a bomb be marked with a taggant — a trace chemical or a microscopic plastic chip scattered throughout the explosives. This way sophisticated machines can find bombs before they explode, and when they do explode police scientists can trace a bomb back to the people who actually sold the explosive materials that led to the bomb.

Now, tagging works. In Switzerland over the past decade it’s helped to identify who made bombs and explosives in over 500 cases. When it was being tested in our country several years ago, it helped police to find a murderer in Maryland.

In the last two weeks since the Olympic bombing, our law enforcement officers have been working around the clock, but they have been denied a scientific tool that might help to solve investigations like this one.

Our anti-terrorism bill would have given us the ability to require tagging gunpowder often used in making pipe bombs. The Republicans in Congress could give law enforcement this anti-terrorism tool, but once again they’re listening to the gun lobby over law enforcement. It may be good politics, but it’s not good for the American people. “

And do you remember when the Republicans refused to investigate the militias following the Oklahoma City bombing, choosing instead of investigate the government’s actions at Waco — justifying and further inflaming the domestic terrorists?